We provide a wide range of general repairs at your chosen location or in our fully equipped and insured workshop. Some of the most popular mobile repairs include brake pads and discs, road spring and shock absorbers, batteries, alternators and starter motors. Most other repairs are available.



We specialise in mechanical repairs. If a part is broken, worn or wearing out we can help. Thanks to the Autodata software we can give accurate times a job will take, so you know up front what you're paying.

From ABS sensors to Z clips, we can fix it.



With the help of our latest 2017 update of Launch Pro X, we can run diagnostic checks on almost anything, allowing us to help identify the problems your car may have. If we can carry out the repairs, we will. Sometimes vehicles need to be fixed with main dealer who has the wiring diagrams needed. If this is the case, we will tell you up front. We believe honesty is the best policy at Home Mechanics.



The best way to prevent engine repairs is to keep the oil fresh and to always replace the cambelt before its required date or mileage. If you don't, this might result in it snapping and needing expensive engine work, new valves, pistons or new engine all together. All the required work can be done in our workshop be it prevention or replacement.



Most clutch replacements happen due to the wear of the release bearing, causing the pedal to go straight to the floor. The only way to repair is to remove the gearbox and replace the clutch unit and bearing together. On many diesel cars the duel mass flywheel is often changed at the same time, otherwise this can cause high engine judder and premature wear of the new clutch. All this can be done by our highly qualified mechanics.



We carry out high numbers of brake repairs, anything from pads and discs to brake pedals and servo units. A lot of these jobs can be done in location and are very important. Without brakes being properly fitted and tightened, this can become very dangerous very quickly. Do not risk it.